Electrical Engineering Internship Review from Songyang

Electrical engineering intern Songyang from UNSW.

“From my perspective, the internship was an incredibly valuable and meaningful experience. It provided me with the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and gain insights into the industry and workplace dynamics. The supportive and friendly nature of my colleagues fostered open communication, and we engaged with each other on a daily basis. I particularly appreciated the supervisor’s unwavering support and prompt responses to my queries. Throughout the internship, I honed my professional skills, specifically in instrument service, while also developing my soft skills. Notably, I improved my communication abilities through regular interactions with my colleagues and enhanced my proficiency in spoken English. I wholeheartedly recommend taking on an internship if you have the time during university. Stepping out of your comfort zone, embracing challenges, and dedicating yourself to a meaningful endeavour can be immensely rewarding.”

Songyang, Master of Electrical Engineering – The University of New South Wales, NSW Australia.