Electrical Engineering Internship Review from Chen

Electrical engineering intern Chen from the University of Queensland.

“Overall, I had a great experience during this internship. I had the opportunity to engage and participate in various tasks related to electrical engineering, as well as exposure to different softwares, which enabled me to know more about the electrical industry.

This internship is fully remote, but even so, our team conducts regular daily meetings everyday to help us be aligned and make sure everyone is on the same page. ​​This actually fostered cooperative support from the team, even if it’s virtually done. The internship enabled me to gain valuable practical experiences and knowledge in electrical engineering.

I’m mainly responsible for the presentation of solutions and results, documentation management and completion of design deliverables.

I gained proficiency in using various software, my knowledge increased with how the electrical system works. I was also able to learn how to stimulate power systems.

For students who are interested in internships, I suggest you keep a positive learning attitude. Do not be shy if you encounter difficulties, make sure to ask questions, engage yourself in conversations, share your ideas in a respectful manner. This way, the internship can be a very successful experience for you. Hoping everyone will land a great internship!

Chen, Electrical Engineer Intern Bachelor of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, The University of Queensland, QLD, Australia