Civil Engineering Internship Review from Maggie

Civil engineering intern Maggie from the University of Adelaide.

“My current internship is a door of opportunity and I can tell you that I really like this internship and I’m satisfied with this overall internship experience. The internship’s working environment is excellent, my colleagues are all very approachable and friendly. We constantly exchange ideas and explore new things together. The experiences we faced were real-life scenarios so it was really very helpful for me.
As a civil engineering intern, my main tasks include ESdata management, providing assistance to projects and implementation of marketing systems, as well as developing GIS & database. These tasks are surely helpful in my career as I was able to absorb new knowledge, and have a great profound impact on my growth. As previously mentioned, this internship enabled me to gain valuable practical experiences and knowledge in civil engineering. I was able to conceptualize the real-world applications of these experiences, which will definitely shape my future positively as a civil engineer. For students looking for internships,
I encourage you to put more focus on your English speaking skills. When opportunity comes, ensure that you are ready to face it. See through and look beyond the tasks assigned to you and learn from the Australian environmental situations. Wishing you guys a fruitful endeavor in your internships!
Maggie, Civil Engineering Intern Master of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of Adelaide, SA Australia