Architecture Internship Testimonial from Cynthia

Architecture intern Cynthia from the University of Sydney.

“My internship is going very well as I am learning a lot. My day to day tasks include designing and drawing diagrams for our projects. I report to one supervisor with a 2 year professional experience and he is very friendly and easily approachable and so is everyone else in the office. Therefore, I feel very comfortable in the workplace environment. I noticed myself applying my theoretical knowledge into the practice professional work. I am both working on day to day tasks and projects. The projects that we are currently focused on is design of buildings and amenities for hotels and resorts. The technical skills I currently have is being enhanced and developed during this internship as we are using similar software as what we are being taught at the university such as Rhino, Cad, Photoshop, etc. The best part of this internship is that it perfectly aligns with my future career goals.”
Cynthia Batisan, Architecture Intern – University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW