Actuarial Science Internship Review by Prima

Actuarial science intern Prima from Curtin University.

“I loved that every week I got to learn and try something new. I also got to meet a range of people from different industries which helped me widen my perspective. I got to meet with clients, collect data including client asset and liabilities, plug the information into Podium, the online system and find the best possible option for my client. Everyone was very nice and friendly, and the company treated me well. I learnt a lot about loans and the Australia market which was a great experience as it went into more depth than what I usually learn in class. I developed my Excel skills which helped me adapt these skills to real life situations. The best part of this internship was being able to experience a corporate environment and applying the theory I learnt in class to real life situations. This experience also gave me a better insight to what I want to pursue in the future.”
Prima Panichtamrong, Actuarial Science Intern – Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia