Mechanical Engineering Internship Program

Offered to mechanical engineering students in Australia, the Mechanical Engineering Internship Program gives you hands-on industry experience during a work experience placement with an Australian host company.

Mechanical Engineering Internship Information

We coordinate internship placements for mechanical engineering students as part of the Mechanical Engineering Internship Program.

The internship program is open to domestic and international engineering students studying in Australian colleges and universities. As a mechanical engineering intern, you get an opportunity to put your academic learning to the test and get industry exposure and practical work experience. You’ll also develop your professional skills and get academic credit for the internship.

If your mechanical engineering degree does not require you to do an internship, or if you graduated already, you can combine your internship placement with the Work Integrated Learning Program.


Mechanical Engineering Internships in Sydney and All Around Australia

Sydney and Melbourne being the two largest Australian cities, it’s not surprising that engineering students are keen to find mechanical engineering internships in Sydney, Melbourne coming in a close second.


Whether you wish to have your work experience and industry experience in one of the big cities or any other location in Australia, our team of internship coordinators can help you.


We coordinate internships across Australia. If you’re interested in the internship program, you can talk to one of our internship consultants about your mechanical engineering internship needs and requirements.

Become a Mechanical Engineering Intern With CareerDC’s Help

When you enrol in the internship program, we will organise a mechanical engineering internship placement for you.

Starting with a revised resume and interview training, we’ll do the hard work of finding a suitable opportunity for you. We will source potential internship host companies and organise interview(s) for you.

What you need to do is prepare yourself for your interview(s), think of your internship goals and impress potential host companies to land an internship offer.

Once your placement is confirmed and you become a mechanical engineering intern, you need to make the most of the industry experience opportunity.

Mechanical Engineering Internship Program Benefits

Internship Organised for You

We know what engineering students need from their internships and what host companies look for in their interns.

Interview Tips and Training

An updated resume and interview training will help you prepare for and succeed in your internship interview.

Engineering Industry Experience

Your internship placement will be relevant to your degree and give you a chance to get hands-on industry experience.

Engineering Experience

Mechanical Engineering Internships for International Students in Australia

We coordinate mechanical engineering internships for local and international engineering students in Australia.

It can be harder for international students in Australia to secure internships as you don’t have the same network of connections as the local students do.

Our engineering host companies regularly take new engineering interns who need study-relevant work experience but don’t have Australian residency or citizenship.

CareerDC Mechanical Engineering Internships

Host Companies Include

  • Manufacturing companies

  • Robotics and automation solutions companies

  • Construction and design companies

Industry Insights Examples

  • Project control and action plans

  • Collaboration with engineers on 3D model creation

  • Assistance with installation and startup of new equipment

Engineering Insights

A Mechanical Engineering Internship Gives You Engineering Insights and Hands-On Work Experience and Boosts Your Professional Skills

Get Started

How to Get a Mechanical Engineering Internship

Here’s how you can secure an internship that complements your mechanical engineering degree:

  • Fill out and send us the enquiry form.

  • You’ll receive an email from us with info on the internship program and how it works.

  • You’ll have a free phone consultation to check that the program is suitable for you.

  • Finally, if you decide to enrol, you’ll pay the enrolment fee and we’ll get started.

It takes less than 60 seconds to fill out the form. Send your enquiry to us today and get CareerDC to organise your internship placement!

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