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CareerDC facilitates internships abroad. If you are interested in a global internship, here you’ll find information on our customised international internships.

Internships Abroad Information

We’ve been coordinating internship programs in Australia and internship placements in New Zealand since 2011. But did you know we also facilitate internship placements overseas? Yes, we do. We’ve assisted students and new graduates of many nationalities and locations obtain internships abroad.

Our internship programs in Australia offer industry work experience and academic credit. Interns who’ve already graduated can get work experience placements as part of the Work Integrated Learning Program. The internships we coordinate abroad are fully customised to the unique needs of each student who wants to experience an international internship.


Intern Abroad for International Experience

Your internship abroad will be relevant to the degree you are studying or have just graduated from. Some of the common industries where students need to do an internship before or right after graduation include engineering, technology and business.


As an international intern enrolled in CareerDC’s internship program, you’ll enjoy the same program features as our Australian-bound interns. The biggest difference for you is that your internship placement overseas will be entirely tailored for you in your desired international internship destination.


You could be a student from anywhere in the world, looking for an internship outside of your location. Or you could be a student in Australia or New Zealand looking for an overseas internship opportunity. Either way, contact the CareerDC team to discuss your vision for an internship abroad.

Global Experiences

Internships Abroad in a Nutshell

The internships abroad coordinated by CareerDC give you a chance to get practical industry insights and international work experience in a foreign country. The internships we organise abroad are usually for 12 weeks, but can also extend to 6 months, depending on your situation and internship requirements.

When you enrol in the international internship program, CareerDC organises the internship placement for you. We’ll help you work on your resume, and we’ll locate suitable host companies in your preferred location. Once we’ve sourced host companies that are a good match for you, we’ll organise you to have interviews with them.

It’s important you prepare well for your interviews, which may be done in person or online, depending on your location. Should you have any problems with the placement during your internship, you can ask CareerDC for assistance.

International Internships for Global Experiences

  • The international internship programs can be facilitated in practically any global location provided that you have the right to enter and stay in that location during your internship.

  • The internship program for interns abroad has similar features to the internship programs we facilitate within Australia.

  • As an international intern, you need to make sure you have the right to intern in your preferred international location.

  • As a CareerDC intern abroad, you will also need to make your own travel and living arrangements during your internship experience.

  • If your international internship is for academic credit, we will liaise with your university to ensure the proposed internship abroad meets your degree’s requirements.

International Experiences

Intern Abroad for Global Work Experience

Get Started

International Internships

Ask CareerDC to assist you with getting an internship abroad. Here’s how:

  • Fill the enquiry form with your details and some info on the international internship you are seeking.

  • If you are eligible for the internship program, you’ll receive an email from one of our team members with details on how the internship program coordination works.

  • After that, you will have a free internship consultation over the phone or online to discuss your internship needs in full.

  • Finally, if you are eligible for a CareerDC internship program abroad and you decide to enrol and pay the enrolment fee, we will start the internship coordination process.

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