Teaching Assistant Internship Review by Xiaoyu

Teaching assistant intern Xiaoyu.

“At first, arriving in Melbourne, Australia I was uncertain about the unfamiliar environment, but after getting used to it, everything went smoothly. My colleagues at the company I interned at were all very friendly. Not only did they warmly welcomed me on my first day, but they also taught me a lot and helped me discover tasks that fit me. My main role at the company was that of a teaching assistant; assisting daily teaching, and helping the students better integrate into the classroom. Preparing teaching materials and lessons are, of course, essential tasks that I did. Additionally, my bilingual skills were regarded highly, and with assistance from my colleagues, we registered official Weibo and WeChat accounts for the company. During this period, I integrated myself into a very different work environment, and it gave me a great opportunity in learning to adapt. My English communication skills have improved dramatically, and I can now use English to communicate in a professional setting. This overseas internship opportunity has allowed me to widen my horizons. I hope that I will be able to find similar opportunities in the future where I can find enriching experiences.”

Xiaoyu Zhou, Teaching Assistant Intern – The Education University of Hong Kong