Science and Engineering Internship Review by Zhiyi

Science and engineering intern Zhiyi from the UNSW.

“It is very fortunate for me to get the offer after my wonderful internship. My tasks as an intern includes preparing metal test specimens in the workshop, performing mechanical and metallurgical testing under supervision in the lab, and maintaining test records to type the test results and reports. I am currently enjoying these duties as I have acquired lots of professional knowledge and enhanced my professional abilities, therefore I am getting a real and industrial experience. Everyone around me is very friendly and helpful as well as willing to communicate which helps me improve my time management ability under English environment. The experience is very much related to my major as I get the opportunity to apply the principles I learnt at university in a practical way. What impresses me most is that the company is well equipped with gloves, safety goggles and professional suits. Doing an internship is something I would definitely recommend to my peers.”

Zhiyi (Calvin), Science and Engineering Intern – the University of New South Wales, Sydney