Mechatronic Engineering Internship Testimonial

Mechatronic engineering intern Yuhao from USYD.

“I was mainly responsible for the development, building, testing and recording of Microcontroller projects, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). I learnt about front-end languages, which I had no prior knowledge of. What interested me the most was that Java was used for the speech recognition and object recognition of the Internet of Things (IoT) project which I learned in school and grew further understanding during the internship. The internship tasks matched with my Mechatronics major. The colleagues around me were very friendly and my supervisor was supportive and patient. I mostly did independent tasks but I was supported and could easily ask for help whenever I came across any questions. My supervisor and colleagues communicated throughout the day which was very effective and helped me develop professionally. The company was happy to provide me with the completion letter when I finished. I really appreciate the valuable internship experience because what I learned and did during the internship will be a great benefit to my professional future.”

Yuhao, Mechatronic Engineering Intern – University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW