Mechanical Engineering Internship Review from Fengyu

Mechanical engineering intern Fengyu from the University of Melbourne.

“This internship was pretty good in all aspects. I also combined my strengths and played a role in the company team. During the internship, I almost worked with colleagues in all departments of the entire team, including preparing relevant technical documentation and engineering reports. I also participated in the liaison between the company and the Chinese contractor, mainly responsible for the translation, inspection and docking of related documents, and used my bilingual ability to help the company better handle Chinese-related business. My biggest achievement from this internship is that I learned how to communicate in the working environment to complete the work requirements. I get many opportunities to view, write and submit many documents every day, so I get a lot of experience in this area. It has changed some of the traditional writing modes in the past and laid a good foundation for later local job hunting. In addition, the company’s office environment is also very professional and perfect. I really enjoy the three-month internship experience in the company!”

Fengyu, Mechanical Engineering Intern – the University of Melbourne, Melbourne