IT Internship Testimonial from Sandeep

IT intern Sandeep from the University of Western Australia.

“I am currently at the learning stage of my internship and it is going quite well. I am directly working with the manager however, everyone in the office are also very friendly and helpful. I feel comfortable within my current working environment. The manager is planning to assign me to assist on a project which makes me excited and keeps me motivated in working in order to be given the opportunity to participate in the potential project. My role is valuable as I am currently learning business intelligence, enhancing my existing skills in database and learning a new skill using the microsoft software: power business intelligence. I would consider both working with professionals and getting real time experience to be the best part of this internship. I have already recommended doing an internship with my friends through CareerDC in order for them to receive the same efficient service and beneficial internship experience.”

Sandeep Jami, Master of Information Technology – University of Western Australia