IT Internship Testimonial from Liu

IT intern Liu from USYD.

“I had a very great internship and I luckily got the return offer as an Operations Analyst. I am very grateful to the company and my colleagues for all their help. My colleagues in our team are always helping each other and I love the friendly working environment here. My supervisor helped me a lot with the assigned tasks and taught me how to communicate well with others. My manager often checked in and asked if there was anything to help. The internship tasks were mainly related to data analysis, such as extracting data and generating final reports, which matched my expectations. The internship has both consolidated my professional knowledge and improved my communication skills. Due to the pandemic, I communicated less with others in English, yet this internship has greatly improved my oral English. For those students who are planning to do an internship, always be confident and don’t be nervous during the interview. In fact, you don’t need to care about your English too much, as language is just a tool. The most important thing is to improve your professional skills.”

Y. Liu, Master of Information Technology – University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia