Information Systems Internship Review from Yize

Information systems intern Yize from University Technology Sydney.

“I just finished my internship last week. I really loved this fantastic experience. The company atmosphere was very harmonious. Everyone was enthusiastic and treats me very well. My colleagues gave a lot of pertinent suggestions, and I gained a lot from them. During the internship, I was mainly responsible for checking the mailbox for customer requests, and assigning leads; I also developed a website and helped the team leader and others with related tasks. It matters a lot to communicate with colleagues. One lead assigning rule was changed once yet they forgot to tell me about it. After I found out about the problem, I tried to ask them to confirm the details. It turned out well. Overall, this internship helps me with job hunting in the future. Don’t be late. If you encounter a problem, try to solve it yourself first. If you can’t, then ask others for help. After that, you will grasp it forever.”

Yize, Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems – University of Technology Sydney, NSW, Australia