Information Systems Internship Review from Pingqing

Information systems intern Pingqing from the University of Queensland.

“My internship is going really well. My tasks and responsibilities were marketing responsibilities such as researching our competitors and marketing research as well as independent tasks. It was a friendly working environment. My supervisor gave me extra tasks outside of the company for my own self-learning and development. He was very nice and asked me what other marketing skills or areas I wanted to learn or improve on and was willing to teach me and give me extra help. I am currently working on adjusting content of the business such as on the development of the website. I also helped update and added more content on the website. I learnt and developed my marketing research skills and marketing content on the company website. The best part of doing an internship at this company was that there was not too much pressure and it was not a stressful environment compared to other companies or businesses. Everyone was willing to help you to accomplish your tasks as you could not do it alone.”
(Shavonne) Pingqing Lin, Information System Intern – University of Queensland, QLD