Graphic Design Internship Review from Jan Rem

Graphic design intern Jan Rem from the University of South Australia.

“My internship and environment were really good as it was easy to talk to my director and he guided me whenever he could. I created website mockups for new and existing clients, re-creation of client logos, streamline of Web-care internal documents – eg. Design Brief and Service Agreement. I learnt a lot regarding graphic design and it was beneficial to what I learnt at university as I did not have any experience prior to interning at this company. I worked mainly on recreating business cards such as for other companies and designed brochure samples. As it was a graphic design internship, it was not so much based on technical skills rather I was told what the client wanted and how the client wanted it so I had to be more creative in my graphic design concepts. The best part was that it was challenging yet creative. Whenever the client wanted something e.g. a certain design, I had to provide options that would fit the clients’ needs.”
Jan Rem Mendoza, Graphic Design Intern – University of South Australia, SA