Food Science Internship Review from Kexin

Food science intern Kexin from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

“The work environment and culture was very harmonious and I felt very welcome. As part of the team, I felt that everyone was hardworking, helping each other out, and doing their best to improve the company. As the company was not very big, my role in the company was more flexible, and I came into contact with various fields and people from different departments. Fortunately, my supervisor familiarised me with the development process, and later I was able to assist her in many related projects. From this internship, I improved my language skills and communication skills. But more importantly, I was able to personally experience food science in a professional environment. My supervisor’s passion for research and working with others has also influenced me, and working alongside her has been extremely beneficial. This internship has allowed me to learn beyond textbooks, and to work in a laboratory with professionals. I was pleasantly surprised that I was given this opportunity in Brisbane, Australia, and I am grateful to everyone who has helped me. This will be an unforgettable memory for me.”

Kexin Sun, Food Science Intern – The Chinese University of Hong Kong