Finance Internship Testimonial from Vicky

Finance intern Vicky from the University of Sydney.

“This internship has been fantastic! Through this opportunity, I was exposed to various tasks and responsibilities. The internship has truly shaped my professional growth to prepare me for my future endeavors as a finance professional. I’m satisfied with the internship environment, my colleagues were all very kind to me. Good communication was also observed although out, the team has provided me with assistance that I need.

As a finance intern, my main tasks include providing assistance to brokers, providing assessment to loan applications, communicating and ensuring that clients comply and abide with regulations and policies. These tasks also strengthened my English communication skills. Through this internship, my individual and professional skills have greatly improved. As I was exposed to various tasks, I learned more about the full processing of loan services. I was able to grasp the use of the system. It also made a way to help me with generating evaluation reports.

For students who are looking for internships, my advice is that you have to start with a plan. Decide which internship you are planning to undertake, research about it and take action. It has to start with you, with your decision and willingness to take the role. Managing your time wisely is also important.”


Vicky, Finance Intern Master of Finance and Accounting, The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia