Engineering Internship Testimonial by Ansh

Engineering intern Ansh from Deakin University.

“My internship experience is overall good and I’m very happy with my internship. They assign me to make SOP for the different processes of the machine and make a short video for the process so the team member can easily understand the procedure, shadowing and helping the technicians with the technical troubleshooting of the machine, different robots and calibrating visual systems. My colleagues are amazing, flexible and very helpful. They’re happy to share their knowledge and also they always welcome new ideas and take them positively. The internship is beneficial to me especially because I learned a lot in the technical aspect like troubleshooting the machine, different robot machines, calibrating visual systems, learning how to change tools and learning something also on the mechanical side. I’m currently working on making videos for the documented SOP to help the employee easily understand the procedure. The best thing about doing an internship is working with people who always welcome new ideas, flexible, like sharing knowledge with the interns and they welcome me as a part of the company. Yes, I would recommend an internship to my friends.”

Ansh, Engineering Intern – Deakin University, Geelong, VIC