Electronics Engineering Internship Review by Tommy

Electronics engineering intern Tommy from the University of Melbourne.

“My internship went pretty well and my Managing Director even gave me a reference letter to help with my career development in Australia. I enjoyed my internship and it was a good experience and my boss was also nice and he taught me a lot. I didn’t work on a particular project as the projects required more consistency as I was only there for a few days a week so I could not learn additional software that the company wanted me to. Therefore, I mainly assisted and did other related tasks that I would be able to do according to my skill level. I did some design work, PCB pasting and prototyping and placing components together and assisting any related tasks. I learnt a lot of technical skills that were directly related to what I was learning at university and it is the career direction that I would like to take in the future. The best part of doing the internship was that I had a really good experience. I learnt a lot of technical and practical skills such as using equipment correctly and manufacturing experience – it was bringing the theoretical knowledge at university into the workplace.”
Tommy Li, Electronics Engineering Intern – University of Melbourne, VIC