Electrical Engineering Internship Review from Zhengsheng

Electrical engineering intern Zhengsheng from the University of Queensland.

“My goal for having an internship was to experience what working in an Australian company would be like. It’s been positive and enlightening. It is very different compared to my home country. My supervisor and co-workers are really casual and approachable which makes it an easy-going environment to work in. Since my co-workers are so friendly, I feel open to ask them questions and I have learned a lot just from their assistance. I am currently studying electrical engineering and looking into getting into biomedical engineering in the future. This internship has given me a view of both industries, I really enjoy both. I have also worked onsite at a hospital to repair and set-up medical equipment. It feels very rewarding that my company trusts me and gives me responsibilities. I will recommend this internship to my peers.”

Zhengsheng (Michael), Electrical Engineering Intern – University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD