Electrical Engineering Internship Review by Ruizhe

Electrical engineering intern Ruizhe from the UNSW.

“I have gained a valuable internship from an impressive company. My tasks as an intern included calibration of equipment, testing of transformers and instruction on transformers. This internship role was related to my university degree because it was useful when I applied the knowledge I learnt from my studies. In the beginning it was difficult to talk to my colleagues who were from different cultural backgrounds than me. However because I was persistent in developing my communication skills I was able to become friends with my co-workers. I also improved my negotiation and conversation starter skills through this experience. During the internship I was involved with the high pressure systems, which is something I have not experienced before but would like to involve myself in for my future career. This experience is valuable and doing an internship is something I would definitely recommend to my peers.”

(Nick) RuiZhe, Electrical Engineering Intern – The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, NSW