Business Internship Review from Anurupa

Business intern Anurupa from the MIT.

“To be honest, I really liked that I have been part of the project group. I thoroughly enjoyed participating and working with my team. There were some hiccups in procedures as many of us were not experience about how to start a project and do come up with ideas required but in the end, we managed to complete with constant help provided by our client Mr. Edward and our supervisor Mr. Khan. I learnt to do research on the market, competitors, how to acknowledge them, industry, the real aim and purpose of project, start-up business nature, working in a team, understanding opinion and view of others and working within a timeframe of 11 weeks. It was a new experience but meaningful, and we constantly felt we had some growth in our understanding about the components needed to do study deeply in the world of business. Drafting and designing is somehow I knew bit how it works but not that wide, and I was astonished with the construction industry’s role and how this industry can uplift the revenue for the nation. Our success couldn’t have been achieved without the help given by our Industry Supervisor and constant review provided by our Academic Supervisor and, of course, our project group.”

Anurupa, Bachelor of Business student – Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, VIC