Business Analysis Internship Program

For current students and new graduates in Australia keen to apply and develop their business analysis knowledge, the Business Analysis Internship Program will give you hands-on work experience relevant to your studies.

Business Analysis Internship Information

The Business Analysis Internship Program is designed for international and domestic students in Australian universities. It supports current students and new graduates get practical industry experience with Australian host companies.

The internship program is a good option for students who want to apply their business analysis knowledge and gain hands-on experience in a real workplace.

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Business Analyst Internships Australia-Wide

Wherever you are based in Australia as a student or a new graduate, CareerDC’s internship coordination team will assist you in getting an internship placement in your preferred location.


If you are keen to develop your business analysis skills, get in contact with the team to discuss internship opportunities.


As a future business analyst, you could be a student of business administration, computer science, accounting, finance or any other subject that gives you knowledge that you can apply to business analysis.

Business Analyst Internships the Easy Way

When you enrol in the internship program, CareerDC will do the hard work of coordinating a suitable internship placement for you.

You just need to get yourself ready for your interview(s) to land an internship offer, think of your internship goals and make the most of your business analyst internship experience.

Benefits of the Business Analysis Internship Program

Internship Organised for You

We know what students need from their internships and what host companies are looking for.

Internship Interview Training

A polished resume and internship interview training will help you succeed with your interview.

Hands-On Work Experience

We’ll arrange interviews for you until you secure an internship placement relevant to your business analysis studies.

Work Experience

Business Analyst Internships for International Students

The Business Analysis Internship Program is a good option for international students in Australia keen to gain practical, local work experience.

CareerDC’s internship host companies welcome international students who are studying in Australian universities.

Our host companies are experienced in hosting interns who need industry experience as business analyst interns but don’t have citizenship or residency.

CareerDC Business Analysis Internships

Host Companies Include

  • Business consultancies

  • IT consulting companies

  • Companies specialising in big data and data analytics

Industry Insights Examples

  • Statistical analysis

  • Raw data cleaning and reprocessing

  • Design data systems and database

Business Analysis Experience

The Business Analysis Internship Program Gives You Hands-On Experience and Builds Your Skills

Get Started

Business Analysis Internship Program

Start your business analysis internship journey today. Here's how:

  • Fill out and send us the enquiry form.

  • You’ll receive an email from us with info on the internship program and how it works.

  • You’ll have a free phone consultation to check that the program is suitable for you.

  • Finally, if you decide to enrol, you’ll pay the enrolment fee and we’ll get started.

It takes less than 1 minute to fill out the form. Get started with your internship journey now!

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