Environmental Engineering Internship Program

The internship program gives environmental engineering students and new graduates in Australia study-related work experience and industry exposure.

Environmental Engineering Internship Info

We facilitate internship placements as part of the Environmental Engineering Internship Program.

The internship program is open to international and domestic students in Australia. The internship placement we’ll coordinate for you will be relevant to your studies, and give you hands-on experience in environmental engineering. It gets you do develop practical professional skills and gives you academic credit.

If you already graduated or your environmental engineering degree does not require an internship as part of your studies, you can get a placement by combining it with the Work Integrated Learning Program.

An environmental engineering intern and supervisor wearing fluorescent jackets on site with wind power turbines in the background.

Environmental Engineering Internships in Australia

We organise environmental engineering internships across Australia. Once you enrol in the internship program, you’ll get to chat with one of our internship consultants about your internship requirements, such as the start date, location and duration.

From Brisbane to Perth, our team can help you find a suitable placement. Contact the CareerDC team and ask about internship opportunities in environmental engineering and how the internship program works.

Internships for Environmental Engineering Students

As a student enrolled in our internship program, you’ll get your internship for environmental engineering in an easy way as CareerDC will source potential internship host companies and organise interviews for you.

All you need to do is prepare for interview(s), do well and get an internship offer.

After you’ve been offered a placement and your internship is confirmed, it’s down to you to make the most of your internship experience.

Environmental Engineering Internship Program Features

Internship Organised for You

We understand what student interns need from their internships and what host companies are seeking in their interns.

Internship Interview Coaching

A new CV and interview coaching will help you prepare and succeed in your interview(s).

Hands-On Work Experience

We’ll organise interviews for you until you get an internship offer and can get started with study-relevant hands-on work experience.

Work Experience

Internships for International Environmental Engineering Students

The internships we organise for environmental engineering are for local and international students in Australia.

CareerDC’s host companies welcome new interns who need degree-related work experience and academic credit but don’t have Australian residency or citizenship.

CareerDC Environmental Engineering Internships

Host Companies Include

  • An organisation in environmental and hazardous material management

  • A cross-industry organisation providing sustainable water management solutions

  • A consultancy in environmental and geotechnical engineering

Industry Insights Examples

  • Contamination investigations, remediation programs and management plans

  • Interpretation of field and laboratory data and the preparation of technical reports

  • Engineering analysis and design for change

Industry Experience

Your Environmental Engineering Internship Gives You Work Experience and Supports Your Skills Development

Get Started

Environmental Engineering Internship Program

Here’s how you can get an internship in environmental engineering:

  • Fill out and send us the enquiry form.

  • You’ll receive an email from us with info on the internship program and how it works.

  • You’ll have a free phone consultation to check that the program is suitable for you.

  • Finally, if you decide to enrol, you’ll pay the enrolment fee and we’ll get started.

Send the form to us now and get ready for your internship journey!

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