Biomedical Engineering Internship Program

Designed for biomedical engineering students in Australian universities, the Biomedical Engineering Internship Program gives you first-hand work and industry experience relevant to your biomedical engineering studies.

Biomedical Engineering Internships Information

The biomedical engineering internships we coordinate as part of the internship program are designed for local and international students in Australia who want to get practical experience in the industry. They also give you academic credit.

Other options are available to students whose degrees don’t have an internship unit or students who have already graduated.

A biomedical engineering intern in a laboratory wearing a white coat and typing on a tablet with colleagues in the background.

Biomedical Engineering Internship in Sydney or Another Australian Location

Whether you’re looking for a biomedical engineering internship in Sydney or any other city in Australia, our internship coordination team can support you in securing an internship in your preferred location.


We coordinate internship placements across Australia. When you contact us about the biomedical engineering internship program, tell us about your internship requirements.


CareerDC has a well-developed network of internship host companies in different parts of Australia, although Sydney tends to be the most popular city for biomedical engineering internships.

Internship for Biomedical Engineering Organised for You

When you enrol in the biomedical engineering internship program, our team of internship consultants will do the hard work of finding a potential internship opportunity for you.

You just need to prepare for your interview(s), consider your internship goals, and make a good impression on a potential host company.

Once you get an internship offer and your placement is confirmed, it’s up to you to get the best out of your internship experience.

Features of the Biomedical Engineering Internship Program

Internship Facilitated for You

We know what biomedical engineering students need from their internships and what host companies are looking for in their student interns.

Internship Interview Coaching

An updated CV and internship interview coaching will help you prepare for and succeed in your internship placement interview.

Industry Experience

We’ll organise interview(s) for you with potential companies until you secure an industry experience placement relevant to your degree.

First-Hand Experience

Biomedical Engineering Internship Program for International Students

The Biomedical Engineering Internship Program is open to international and local students studying at Australian universities and colleges.

Our host companies are experienced in hosting international students. They regularly welcome both students and new graduates who need degree-relevant work experience and industry exposure but who don’t have residency or citizenship.

CareerDC Biomedical Engineering Internships

Host Companies Include

  • A company that focuses on R&D and innovative projects

  • A company with expertise in imaging systems and services

  • A biomedical engineering company servicing the healthcare sector

Industry Insights Examples

  • Various aspects of research and development as part of a team

  • Testing, evaluating and installing equipment

  • Contributing to the development and implementation of practical applications

Biomed Engineering Insights

The Biomedical Engineering Internship Program Gives You Industry Insights and Builds Your Professional Skills

Get Started

Biomedical Engineering Internship Program

Take a step closer to your biomedical engineering internship. Here’s how:

  • Fill out and send us the enquiry form.

  • You’ll receive an email from us with info on the internship program and how it works.

  • You’ll have a free phone consultation to check that the program is suitable for you.

  • Finally, if you decide to enrol, you’ll pay the enrolment fee and we’ll get started.

It takes no time at all to send us your enquiry. Do it today and get started with your internship journey!

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