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What is an internship?

Internships are practical work-placement programs designed to provide students with professional experience in an area related to their field of study or the career they are working towards. The aim of providing industry-specific opportunities is to enable students to develop skills that will enhance their prospects of gaining meaningful employment and building their careers for the future.

Why take on an intern from CareerDC?

  • Save time! We pre-screen the students thoroughly to ensure that they are the perfect fit for your organisation.
  • Our interns are young and creative. They can provide you with new and innovative ideas to improve your business.
  • They want to learn! They are choosing to do an internship and as a result they are keen, motivated and willing to do their best to gain professional experience in the industry.
  •  By taking on an intern you are supporting students in gaining practical work experience where they can apply their theoretical knowledge and build their career for the future.
  • Internships can also be somewhat of a trial period if you are looking to take on an employee in the future, interns have the chance to show their true potential.
  • CareerDC has students from local universities and studying all around the world! Taking on an intern from another country with a different point of view on business is definitely a plus especially if you are looking to expand into international markets.  
  • We assist with all the necessary documentation for the internship provided by the university including insurance.
  • Although the need is very rare, CareerDC will provide mediation and consulting services to resolve any issues during the internship.
  • CareerDC can also provide laptop lease if the company cannot provide computers for the interns.

How does the internship program work?

  • We will set up an interview between the student and host organisation in order to evaluate whether the internship is suitable and adheres to course requirements
  • From there you, the host organisation decide whether or not you will take on the student as an intern. If yes then you will need to sign the insurance form provided by the university as well as another internship document at the end of the internship to confirm the student has completed their course requirement. If you decide not to take the student on as they are not suitable for the internship, we will look for another student more suitable.

What are your responsibilities as a host organisation?

  • Negotiating goals and expectations in the interview as well as roles/tasks the student will undertake during the internship
  • Appointing a workplace supervisor for the student
  • Providing a workplace which coheres to Workplace Health & Safety laws
  • Including an induction process when the student starts the internship
  • Signing documentation provided by the university to provide evidence of the completed internship
  • Contacting CareerDC if there are any issues with the student

How does my business become a host organisation?

Contact us below using the enquiry form or give us a call on (02) 8065 4040. 

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