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How to find student accommodation in Brisbane

Brisbane, located in the East Cost of Australia is really appreciated due to weather conditions (+300 days of sunshine/year) all along the year and also because you can find near this place many incredible spot to surf. Called ”Brissy” by local people, this city is the third largest city of the country in term of population.
Just landed in Brisbane and looking for accommodation?
Several options for you to chose what suit you best:
First when you are looking for a long term accommodation (at least 3 months), I highly recommend you to book an hotel or a backpacker depending on your expectations and revenues. Then you can look for an accommodation (flat/house) and visit some places you want to find what is suitable for your well-being.
Many students  prefer to find an accommodation in a shared flat/house due to the high cost of living in Australia, especially about the accommodation.
To find the suitable place for you in Brisbane you can use the following websites:
– Gumtree => Very famous in Australia, you can find everything you need in this website, not only for the accommodation.
You will have plenty of offers in Gumtree which makes it really useful for you to find what you want, you can even chose the suburb that suits you best.
– Flatmates / EasyRoommate => These websites focus only on shared accommodation, you  can add or remove some details to make the search more accurate and suitable for you (Private/Shared room, price, suburb, furnished/unfurnished, etc..).
Even if Australia is expensive, Brisbane remains cheap for a big city comparing to Sydney. For sure you won’t regret to come in Brisbane to enjoy incredile living conditions.
Article by Anthony Launo from Kedge Business School